Find out what you can do in the vicinity of La Llacuna, a unique environment

Hiking trails around La Llacuna

senderismeRED TRAIL– Serra d’Ancosa

 La Llacuna-Font Cuitora-woods of Paradise and rocks of Crida – La Llacuna

Time: 35 min

Distance: 2.3 km

Total ascent: 120m

Level: easy

Route description: Leave the village of La Llacuna by the path of the deposits (height: 625m), following the path to Font Cuitora -0.5 km-(height: 655m). Continue climbing upwards. Follow the path on your right until you reach the woods of Paradise (and the rocks of Crida). Follow the path surrounded by tall pines 0.55 km. The path takes us back in a steady descent to La Llacuna 1.2 km.

BLUE TRAIL– Ancosa’s Oak

La Llacuna – Salt el gos – Coll del corral – Puig Castellar – Font de les Clotes – La Llacuna

Time: 3 hours

Distance: 11 km

Total ascent: 330m

Level: easy

Route description: Leave  La Llacuna (height: 600m) by the path of Marimon, passing by Dorita farm  towards España Square-2.15 km-(height: 682m). Continue to the crossroads 875 m), where you can follow any of the three indicated tracks: Salt del Gos 0,35 km-, Cova de Valldeserves  2.27 km-and Coll del Corral -1,050 km-. Once you reach Coll del Corral (height: 762m), you’ll find another crossroads: Plana d’Ancosa, the ruins of the Cister upwards monastery and ancient oak tree of Ancosa (Ancosa’s Oak) 2,25 km-, Puig Castellar 2,20 km-. Follow the path to Puig Castellar (height: 945m). On the way down, take the path on your left towards a wider path that will take you back to Coll del Corral 1.9 km-. Follow the path on your right side downwards to the Masia de les Clotes, were you’ll find a fountain 1 km from the path (Font de les Granotes) and Nin’s windmill. Ehen you reach the Torrebusqueta road, follow it back to La Llacuna  1.8 km-.

GREEN TRAIL – Vilademàger castle

La Llacuna-Vilademàger – Font dels Horts – Font del Pla novell – La Llacuna

Time: 2 hours 20 minutes

Distance: 8 km

Total ascent: 105m

Level: easy

Route description : Leave La Llacuna by the path of Vilademàger castle (height: 712m) 1.5 km-. Follow the path that goes down to the track. Take the path on your right which descends steaply to the Font dels Horts (height: 600m) 0.6 km-. Follow the path to Mas Pujadó and the road 1.02 km-. Walk 200m more, to the Vilates, and cross the fields until you reach the Font del Pla Novell -1,230 km-. To go back to La Llacuna, go back to the Vilates and masía de Cal Melcior. It is 3.37 km from Pla Novell to La Llacuna.

MTB tracks around La Llacuna

MTB GREEN TRAIL – Touring the plain of La Llacuna

Distance: 9 km

Total ascent: 420 m

Time: 1h

Level: easy

Departure/Arrival: Pl. Major of La Llacuna. This is a a short and easy trail. Start by following the blue hiking trail until the crossroads under the Vilademàger Castle. Follow directions towards the Vilates, cross the stream and the BV-2136 road. Return to La Llacuna by the main path through the forest.

MTB BLUE TRAIL – Ancosa mountains

Distance: 17 km

Total ascent: 1100m

Tine: 1h 40 ‘

Level: medium

Departure/Arrival: Pl. Major of La Llacuna. The track starts with a steep ascent until reaching the Vilademàger Castle, from where you can admire the entire plain of La Llacuna. The itinereary continues to the ridge of the Ancosa mountains crossing and re-crossing the GR-172 and leaving the Puig Castellar (944m) on the right hand side. The return route passes the Oak of Ancosa before getting back to La Llacuna.

Places of interest

  • El nucli antic de la Vila amb la Plaça Major porxada
  • El castell de Vilademàger
  • El dolmen de la Comallagosa
  • Les pintures rupestres de Valldecerves
  • Font Cuitora
  • Font del Pla Novell
  • Font del Teix
  • Font de les Clotes
  • Puig Castellar
  • Coves
  • Nova capella de Sant Josep de Rofes
  • Font dels Horts
  • Les roques de la Crida i el bosc del Paradís
  • Les roques del Frare
  • Les roques de Rocamur
  • El Salt del Gos
  • El Cangost de Rofes
  • El poblat ibèric del Castellar
  • Capella de Sant Antoni de les Vilates
  • Els safreigs de l’escorxador

For any furtfher information, please contact the Tourist information office,  carrer Major, 4,  phone number: (+34) 93 897 68 30

Winter timetable: Weekends and holidays from 10:30 to 13:00. Saturdays from 17:00 to 19:00.

Summer timetable (from July 15th to August 15th): Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30 to 13:00. Tuesday to saturday from 17:00 to 19:00.
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